How to put two pictures side by side using Gimp

I was searching for a method to put two A5 size image into one A4 size page to get it printed in the wonderful site ‘’. I was wondering if there was a way to use Gimp the free cross-platform and powerful image editor to that. Since not many tutorials are available for Gimp, these nuggets come in very handy.

Was answered by Sani in Yahoo Answers – Using Gimp for the editing.

  1. Open first image
  2. Go to IMAGE >> CANVAS SIZE:…
  3. Set the canvas size to MUCH LARGER than you will actually want.
  4. Click OK:…
  6. Open 2nd picture
  7. SELECT >> ALL
  8. EDIT >> COPY
  9. Switch back to the 1st image (with the big canvas size)
  10. EDIT >> PASTE
  11. Move it to where you want it :…
  12. CROP

The only change that I did from what is mentioned here was that I did the copy of the photo before Step 5.

The final result:


  • Dwight

    I am trying to get 2 sides of the same pic combined in one for the whole album

    • satyameva-jayete

      Sorry for the delay in reply.
      I am sure it should be possible to run this as a macro or as a script, since Gimp is in Python.
      However you will need to approach Gimp guys for this. I am not an expert.