I start using this blog today, for the first time, after I had installed it on 31 Dec 2008.
Today I set up GTD-PHP along with WAMPServer. Today I also imported all my pending task into my Blackberry from ToDoList (one of the finest free Organizing software). I had to export the list to a csv file which I later imported to Outlook.  I then I synced it to my Black berry. Since my list had 640 items it saved me a lot of agony  and time which I am using to write this blog. Of course I had to rework my recurring tasks,(about 250 in number 😉 ). I don’t know if there is any method to shorten that.

Yesterday I had my Blackberry eMail functionality activated . Let me see if I can update my blog through the email.

29 Apr 2009.

I have decided to purge my list and keep only a limited no of items in the to do list.  If I didn’t do that I tend to fritter away my valuable time resources and focus on the less important stuff (which is another method to procrastinate) .  Doing volumes doesn’t mean doing the important stuff. Now i try to achieve 3-5 important stuff in a day. Then I take out my list and do my other things. This too leads to the problem of some things that I want to keep track on a regular basis do not get done, but it is better than my earlier methods.