Do you want to learn typing?

Typing is a great skill to acquire. It is a skill for life, and I have been using and testing a huge number of typing tutors over these years.
There are many tutors that are good but I am listing some of them below so that you too can check and adopt one or test more. 🙂
This is one of the good typing tutors that I have used.



If you find it er…. unusual please check out the huge lot of softwares and apps available in the internet.

Once you have checked it out and practiced enough and want to test yourself compare your skills at this site

Just takes 01 minutes and will keep your score. Effective!



Review of Tata Nano

Excerpts from Ratan Tata’s speech at the Nano unveiling ceremony- a portion

Today’s story started some years ago when I observed families riding on two wheelers, the father driving a scooter, his young kid standing in front of him, his wife sitting behind him holding a baby and I asked myself whether one could conceive of a safe, affordable, all weather form of transport for such a family. A vehicle that could be affordable and low cost enough to be within everyone’s reach, a people’s car, built to meet all safety standards, designed to meet or exceed emission norms and be low in pollution and high in fuel efficiency. This then was the dream we set ourselves to achieve. Many said this dream could not be achieved. Some scuffed at what we would produce, perhaps a vehicle comprising two scooters attached together or perhaps an unsafe rudimentary vehicle, a poor excuse for a car. Let me assure you and also assure our critics that the car we have designed and we will be presenting to you today will indeed meet all the current safety requirements of a modern day car.

Nothing could stop this man’s dream and today I am a proud owner of a Nano.

What a car! Small from the outside, yet spacious outside. The best in class AC. A small turning radius and can be parked in very small spaces. I am doing 90 kmph in the expressway on my way to MDI and I can ease it in and out of traffic in a way no SUV or Sedan car can. It gives me about 20 kmpl. What more can I ask for. There were some issues with the model which came out in 2011, but thankfully I have no reasons yet to doubt the 2012 model Nano .

[Edit: It is nearly 4 years I have been using this car and oh! how proud and lucky I was to buy this car. All my points above are still true and I have not yet spent a Re on its maintenance thanks to the 4 years comprehensive insurance I had bought alongwith the car.]

I see it as an efficiency tool, an optimal tool.

Dr Verghese Kurien – RIP

It was just yesterday that I had dug out my copy of the ‘I too had a Dream’ to revisit it. There were other competitors next to it like ‘Made In America’ by Sam Walton and the ‘Only the paranoid survive’ by Andy Grove. I still am at a loss of words as to why this particular book came to be picked up by me. One of the reasons I wanted to read such a book was that I wanted to read some material other than my course material from MDI. I did need a change of reading angle desperately. My natural choice should have been Sam Walton, keeping my love for Supply Chain in view and its relevance in the course I am attending. And on the other hand, our Operations Management Prof had mentioned about Andy Grove and how his great vision shaped Intel.
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Getting Things Done (GTD): Chapter-wise Reading Notes

A great review of a great book.
Getting Things Done or GTD in short is one of the most productive book on productivity I have read. David Allen has systematically analysed all the various failure and success in his productivity journey and distilled it into a set of rules many of which are counter intuitive and unusual. Having read through the book I am convinced on the importance of getting all stuff off my mind into some tested and effective system so that we could break them down into smaller and smaller components, until we get to the next action that is required to be taken.

Very practical and doable in every way, thanks to it, I have embarked on the GTD journey and am loving the efficiency it is bringing me. It is also effective in reducing the stress related to the slipping away of time.

So many software have evolved around this concept and I am in the process of testing a large number to see what works. I have realized that you need to have a physical notebook backup of any computer or smartphone based system.

Getting Things Done: Chapter-by-Chapter Reading Notes.

Getting Back In Touch

I had lost all my contacts of my earlier days.
Facebook comes to the rescue.
Nearly everyone is squatted there. Me too 🙂
It just took me one day and I am back in touch with more than 50 of my buddies.
Still have time to interact with many. But the interface is so cool that I am sure that the old familiar ways will grooooow, sloooowly.

My Initial Impression

Somehow I am not yet fully comfortable with this interface.

I am not able to see what my earlier ramblings are and an isolated post is something that I am not comfortable with putting where my earlier writings are placed. Moreover, I would have liked to see my earlier posts if nothing to juice me up.

All the same perhaps I should then visit my site and then log on or open the site in a separate window, then switch between them.