Enter Kanban

I have been thinking about creating some tool where I could have a big list of things to do and move it to some boxes as per priority or as per time available or some other manner.
Last week I attended a small seminar on Agile methodology, and there I was exposed to the Agile methodologies and also the Kanban Board. And what an eye opener that was. This was the kind of tool I was looking out for.
So I went out and got a white board and set out to implement the same. I also did some research and checked out what the Computer had to offer in this space.
First I checked out the ‘Windows’ based tool Portable Kanban created by Dmitry Ivanov. It was good but it was restrictive. I have one Windows machine, 2 Linux(Ubuntu) based ones, a Playbook and the Android based Samsung Note II. I needed to check something that was operable from all. I checked out the following web-based tools:-

All of the above tools are good and free with some restrictions and of course premium versions available. I have for the time being settled for Kanbanflow. Of course I will not let go of the white board yet.


Whiteboard Kanban

  • Pav Naydenov Tangardjiev

    The kanban tools that you mentioned are good. Just to say, Kanban is not just a ToDo list. It is actually much more. Visualizing is only the first step. The real benefit is that it helps you track your workflow and see where you can add value or eliminate wasteful activities. (https://kanbanize.com/kanban-resources/)
    Furthermore, it allows you to measure your cycle time properly and focus, so you can improve efficiency and productivity. There are other specifications you will learn further. Keep on using Kanban.