Enter Kanban

I have been thinking about creating some tool where I could have a big list of things to do and move it to some boxes as per priority or as per time available or some other manner.
Last week I attended a small seminar on Agile methodology, and there I was exposed to the Agile methodologies and also the Kanban Board. And what an eye opener that was. This was the kind of tool I was looking out for.
So I went out and got a white board and set out to implement the same. I also did some research and checked out what the Computer had to offer in this space.
First I checked out the ‘Windows’ based tool Portable Kanban created by Dmitry Ivanov. It was good but it was restrictive. I have one Windows machine, 2 Linux(Ubuntu) based ones, a Playbook and the Android based Samsung Note II. I needed to check something that was operable from all. I checked out the following web-based tools:-

All of the above tools are good and free with some restrictions and of course premium versions available. I have for the time being settled for Kanbanflow. Of course I will not let go of the white board yet.


Whiteboard Kanban