Mermaid support
πŸ•“ Nov 17, 2019 · β˜•1 min read
Generate diagrams, charts, graphs or flows from markdown-like text via javascript.

MathJax support
πŸ•“ Nov 16, 2019 · β˜•1 min read
A JavaScript display engine for mathematics that works in all browsers.No more setup for readers. It just works.

Katex support
πŸ•“ Nov 15, 2019 · β˜•1 min read
KaTeX is a fast, easy-to-use JavaScript library for TeX math rendering on the web.

Flowchart support
πŸ•“ Nov 14, 2019 · β˜•1 min read
flowchart.js is a flowchart DSL and SVG render that runs in the browser and terminal. Nodes and connections are defined in separately so that nodes can be reused and connections can be quickly changed.

Placeholder Text
πŸ•“ Mar 9, 2019 · β˜•2 min read
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πŸ•“ Feb 28, 2019 · β˜•1 min read
Hugo, the world’s fastest framework for building websites

Creating a New Theme
πŸ•“ Sep 28, 2014 · β˜•34 min read
Introduction This tutorial will show you how to create a simple theme in Hugo. I assume that you are familiar with HTML, the bash command line, and that you are comfortable using Markdown to format content. I'll explain how Hugo uses templates and how you can organize your templates to create a theme. I won't cover using CSS to style your theme. We'll start with creating a new site with a very basic template.