Efficiency Tool – Pocketmod

A simple and cool tool to organize your ideas. There is a video too  to explain how the plain A4/ Letter can be converted to a pocketmod.

The website for Pocketmod is http://www.pocketmod.com/ and the youtube video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAb31rIeGZo

My personal take


  • Simple.
  • Highly configurable.
  • Slip it into a purse and it becomes the GTD’s  ubiquitous capturing tool.
  • You can use it for various other purposes like ‘Important one page notes’ etc.
  • Purely non-tech and non-electronic PDA.
  • Use it when it is inconvenient to carry a diary, but gets transferred to my diary at the earliest and destroyed.


  • Would require use of paper.
  • After a bit of time you land up with many versions of the paper which you need to track.
  • Uses only one side of the page whereas I would like to use both sides.
  • Other simple folding methods allow for full use of the real estate.

Final Say.

It is a cool tool to show off and does give the feel of a booklet. That extra bit of effort gives it a nice feel and makes you respect it as compared to a normal folded paper (which allows for both sides to be used). You can have a series of them which you can keep together with a rubber band. I have made  a set of many small booklets to keep track of small things like

  • A Packing list
  • How to care for elders.
  • How to study.
  • 50 things that I like to do today.
  • One with a small photograph of self ( 🙂  occasionally to show others) to jot down notes.

One more reason for this to catch my fancy we have a Actionbooklet that can be printed from gtd-php, which happens to be my method of tracking jobs/projects.