HTML Resume – It is really productive

If HTML is just markup then it is as good a format for resume as any other, rather better. Why? Because you can have the same content shown in various formats, content remaining the same, using CSS. It also gets very flexible since some areas can be commented out as per our job application.

HTML Resume Print view

HTML Resume Print view

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Cool Text for Logos Fonts

Cool Text
You can get your logo made by professionals but that will cost you some, if you want a real nice one. The alternative is to create your own. That will teach you a lot and it is fun. You can decide on a load of options without have to bother about the cost. You can use softwares like GIMP/Paint and others, or there are online tools for helping you create one.

After checking many sites providing logos and fonts, most of them paid sites, I cam across, a really wonderful site.

CoolText a real cool site to make any kind of logos or banners, with effects et al. It also has some great collection of fonts for the adventurous.You can check it out at the following link. The site is beautifully laid out and very nicely presented. Creating what you want is a breeze and you can keep testing a huge number of options and see the live preview of the changes and so create a real nice pieces of art.

Cool Text: Logo and Graphics Generator