Review – FreeCommander XE

This is a video of my review of this awesome software that I use as a Windows Explorer replacement.
FreeCommander XE is a great GTD software. I have replaced my default file explorer with this, as a result of which I have been able to improve my productivity and efficiency.
Think of it as a file explorer, program launcher, file manager and even FTP client, all in one. In addition you have filters to home on to the sub set of files that you are interested in.
An awesome program, which I have been using for more than 3 years and am thankful to.

The link for the FreeCommander XE software is here.

HTML Resume – It is really productive

If HTML is just markup then it is as good a format for resume as any other, rather better. Why? Because you can have the same content shown in various formats, content remaining the same, using CSS. It also gets very flexible since some areas can be commented out as per our job application.

HTML Resume Print view

HTML Resume Print view

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