HTML Resume – It is really productive

If HTML is just markup then it is as good a format for resume as any other, rather better. Why? Because you can have the same content shown in various formats, content remaining the same, using CSS. It also gets very flexible since some areas can be commented out as per our job application.

HTML Resume Print view

HTML Resume Print view

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Dropbox & Yahoo makes you very productive

yahoo_dropboxI use Dropbox extensively and I have 52 GB storage available there. (Thanks to my Samsung Note 2 purchase).

(# Edit: It is available only for two years and has been discontinued since.)

But using it along with my Yahoo mail makes it simply awesome. All my important communications like my Insurance Premiums, Bill alerts etc generally come to my inbox and all I have to do is to download it into the Dropbox and it is available to all my devices/computers including my Samsung/Blackberry etc. There have been more than one occasion when Dropbox has come to my rescue.

At one occasion, I needed a photo for a property related issue, and I was not carrying one. I just pulled it out of the Dropbox, and it save a big deal. Hence, productive.

On another occasion my wife forgot to carry her Photo ID proof while travelling on a flight. Dropbox came to my rescue there too.

I had gone to the bank regarding my home loan, inspite of all documents, they wanted to see a particular file reference. Fortunately, I had just made a copy of all important documents and kept it in the Dropbox. And I was able to pull it out and show it to the bank officials, saving me a full trip and a day.

How to put two pictures side by side using Gimp

I was searching for a method to put two A5 size image into one A4 size page to get it printed in the wonderful site ‘’. I was wondering if there was a way to use Gimp the free cross-platform and powerful image editor to that. Since not many tutorials are available for Gimp, these nuggets come in very handy.

Was answered by Sani in Yahoo Answers – Using Gimp for the editing.

  1. Open first image
  2. Go to IMAGE >> CANVAS SIZE:…
  3. Set the canvas size to MUCH LARGER than you will actually want.
  4. Click OK:…
  6. Open 2nd picture
  7. SELECT >> ALL
  8. EDIT >> COPY
  9. Switch back to the 1st image (with the big canvas size)
  10. EDIT >> PASTE
  11. Move it to where you want it :…
  12. CROP

The only change that I did from what is mentioned here was that I did the copy of the photo before Step 5.

The final result: